Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lighthouse Point in New Haven by TAB Photographic Ct. Wedding Photographers

The wedding season is surely under way! And I LOVE IT!!! With that, comes many more teasers, posts and more. But these shots below strike a fun chord. Not only because Melissa and Scott are a great couple, but because Light House Point will have 3 weddings this year and it's such a great location because each one of those weddings will be completely different at the same location!!!

Some great decor rocked the building by Stems Flower Design (http://stemsflowerdesign.com/) and the shell theme was such a perfect fit!!!

And of course the lighthouse is part of the greatness...

But the carousel surely helps rock out the greatness!!!

So if it's a location that you can make unique to your day Light House Point in New Haven is surely a great choice!!!!

And the Cotton Candy. Well that's just an added benefit. ;)

And to wrap this post up, I want to share the below video / song. It's a great one for sure!!! Why am I sharing it, because I've realized that every wedding I shoot, there's a song that will bring me back to that certain wedding. Sometimes it's "their" song that was maybe to the first dance, other times not... But for Melissa and Scott, it was their first dance and is one of my favorite songs!!!! Like ever!

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