Thursday, May 26, 2011

That's the impression that I get...

The impression, Oh, what an impression that it is. 

For Gina and JJ it was a night like no other. An entire day actually!!!

The weather was a beautiful spring day. The smiles were abundant. From our first meeting, I just knew that these two were awesome! And after their wedding day, I look back and know that I wasn't just spot on. I may have even been a little lacking with my thoughts. Because after the day, it became obvious that both their families, friends and entire wedding party is pretty darn awesome too!!!

And like many of my TAB couples, they're willing to just go along with it and make it happen and in doing so make it great!!!

I just know that from the colour changing center pieces to the hunt for all the keys (which I know also hunt for) it was a great experience for these two. And for Gina and JJ, we know you guys are just going to rock out each and every day together!!!

So with a throw down of a party, and the brightest of days, I look back and know that every moment was magical....

And then came the time of the evening when I begin to pack up. But if you want me to stick around, throw on some Bosstones or just about any other fun ska'ish music and I won't be going anywhere! Especially with you've got all this energy coming down from the Boston area as it is!!! 

So for this wedding, when I think back to Gina and JJ... It's the impression that I get which sums it all up......

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