Friday, February 1, 2013

Lee & John | Wonderful Ct. Wedding | Lace Factory in Deep River, Ct. | TAB Photographic

When you see a request come in for a wedding, it's always exciting. The intriguing thoughts begin to come in, where will their day be? What kind of party will they throw down? What will her gown look like, what colour will the guys be wearing? Oh, could we stop here and shoot, or there and shoot. 

Much like the excitement of choosing all the wonderful options you get for your day, I get some great excitement from shooting those same options as well as finding ways to capture it with style and excitement. 

Take it all a step further, and when a request comes in for a wedding in the town I grew up in, an area I played around in as a child, it's all that much sweeter. Take for instance this wedding, for Lee and John. The venue of choice, The Lace Factory in Deep River Ct. This venue is a great one for sure. Inside, a beautiful rustic feel that can be left alone as it stands, or transformed into greatness. The railroad tracks and train cars right there... The water on the Ct. River. The area as a whole has so many great locations to shoot... 

Add in a couple that rocks, with guests and bridal party members coming from all over the country. Coming from NYC with some hipster style and more. Add in the love that Lee & John have for each other with their style and grace and well...... Looking back I now know why I was so excited when I saw that request come in and it's because I knew, 100%, that this wedding was going to be so incredibly sweet!!!!!

While they say the proof is in the pudding, for this wedding I would like to say the proof is in the photos.

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