Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 13th & 14th 2013....


First off, sorry for yesterdays photo being posted a day late. However, this was yesterdays photos and taken, yes, yesterday. Notice something? No snow. Simply because I took a little adventure and I out ran the snow. 

So, I seem to be unable to post photos with out my thoughts. Makes sense I guess, as a photographer / artist we tend to have thoughts that go with our creations. Maybe I should stop writing and let viewers put their own thoughts with the photos. Maybe not????

Anyway, we are all walking. We walk in many directions, we follow our path in life. Then a moment comes when our path is met with anothers. And the paths converge. Creating a new trail to follow together. Into the distance beyond where our eyes can see or our minds can truly think.... And that's possibly the best part, not knowing how wonderful it can be out there.


I don't believe I need to put many thoughts with this photos... True love.............. Happy Valentines Day all!!!

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