Thursday, February 7, 2013

Melissa & Nicks Beautiful Ct. Wedding Day | The Barns At Wesleyan Hills

There are a couple key elements that help make your day so incredibly awesome, sweet, beautiful unique and yours. One, the venue, in this case it's The Barns At Wesleyan Hills. Another key element is the DJ or Band... And in this case it was Harry at HG Entertainment that had the party going strong. 

But... The key ingredient to an awesome, spectacular, out of this world wedding is YOU... The two of you make the day what it is. And in this case, for Nick and Melissa, Melissa and Nick, it wasn't hard to rock out. They brought their unique styles and little bits and pieces of themselves to their day and made it freakin' spectacular. Never under estimate those little touches because it's those little touches that make it wonderfully yours... 

Of course their family, their awesome friends. The love. Oh gosh, their love. These two, if you saw the facebook posts to each other you would just know that it was always just meant to be. Quite simply, they love each other and not only does it show in their words and thoughts, but if you ask me, it shows in the photos just as beautifully. 

See for yourself.......

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