Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February - A few days in one shot....


Life, an ever changing array of colours, always using the same foundation from deep with in. Beautiful in constant flux.


At what point do we stop and open our doors to the possibilities of true happiness. When do you break out of your shell and step out into what the world can offer??? 

Only you can decide the right time to unlock the door and step out into the possibilities of what the universe can offer.


We are all good at feeding our selves meals to get through, because we're hungry, because we're bored etc. 

What about feeding our souls as well? Just as important if not even more so. And this evening, I did both. Fed my body to prepare for tomorrows spinning class as well as feeding my soul with some apple cinnamon & crushed macadamia nut pancakes. 

Feed your body, feed your mind and feed your soul.


Water, one of the most powerful elements. Even as powerful as it is, the strength that it holds. Even where it creates the strongest rapids or the highest waves. There comes a time where it slows down. Where it regroups, getting ready to take on the next move... Building strength to take on anything put in its way. 

What if we could be like water. Charging down a canyon, creating rapids that could move anything put in its way. Then coming to a space in time where we allow ourselves the time to regroup. To refocus. To come back together. Then, when the next challenge is in front of us we rush toward it, with an energy that's unstoppable. 

Could you be that river? With the next challenge in front of you, rushing toward it and taking it down. You can, you should and you will......

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