Saturday, January 12, 2013

Embracing the weather for your day...

As a couple on their wedding day, obviously they (perhaps you as well) wish for "perfect" weather. The thing is, the perfect weather is the weather that's happening at that moment. 

The key, no matter what, is to embrace what ever weather you have thrown at you. Take this couple for instance. It was 20 degrees out and snow was falling at probably an inch or two an hour. Guess what though, we took 30 seconds outside (any more and she probably would have frozen solid) and created a bunch of awesome images in this wonderful evening snow...... And well, let's look at the facts here, this weather, this beautiful snow. Just like rain, creates images that are even more spectacular and special because it's not every couple that gets snow... 

So it's worth the hypothermia, loss of limbs and frostbite... (just kidding, I won't let any couple of TAB Photographic lose a limb. hypothermia and frostbite, well, you know)


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