Friday, January 25, 2013

January 25th 2013...


At what point do you do something for yourself? When is it finally time to let go and just do something for yourself. Large or small, life changing or day changing or moment changing? 

This tea, from The Green Teahouse, is part of my day changing. Trying to make it part of my daily change. To just slow down for a bit. I, as well as many other photographers, or at least a few, go go and go. We don't always know when to slow down. 

So I find that tea, good tea and the process of making it, enjoying it and relaxing with it help that slow down happen. 

I have other enjoyments that are just for myself, my soul and my mind as well... Much like yesterdays post of something to remind you to stay strong and the likes, do you have something that keeps you grounded? Slows down your day? A just for you thing??? Do you?

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