Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 9th 2013


I received this puzzle piece today from such a dear soul who has shown so much light..... A single piece of life. We are never broken, even in the moments when we feel as if there is no way to get any lower. Just like a jigsaw puzzle, we are never broken.... We just need to put all the pieces back together. We need to know that the perfect piece is out there to complete the puzzle. Even if it's held at bay for a while, even if it feels out of reach. Even if all you can do is believe... Even if you had the piece in your hand and the puzzle looked so marvelous. It will all come back together and you can look down and with a deep breath, the ability to breathe, the oxygen filling your lungs and bringing life and brightness to each and every day. You can look down and feel just how magical life can be. Till then. Hold onto that pieces and never let any go. Ever.....

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